5th & B Parking Garage – Level Closure Schedule

May 26, 2016

Due to construction and power washing, the following level closures will occur on the following days in the 5th & B Parking Garage:

  • May 30th, Monday (early evening) thru May 31st, Tuesday (day) – 5th level will be closed for parking.
  • May 31st, Tuesday (early evening) thru June 1st, Wednesday (day) – 4th level will be closed for parking.
  • June 1st, Wednesday (early evening) thru June 2nd, Thursday (day) – 3rd level will be closed for parking.

In addition to the noted schedule above, part of the 2nd level of the 5th & B parking garage will also be closed until further notice.

Be prepared for temporary stairwell closures at 5th & B parking garage where construction is occurring. As a reminder, elevators are located on the C Street side of the facility and access to the 5th Avenue Mall is at level 4 to access the skybridge.

Please be aware of construction workers, parking space closures, directional signs, and maintaining the speed limit within the parking garage. 

If you have any questions, please contact an EasyPark Customer Service Representative at 276-7275 or via info@easyparkalaska.com.

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